Why live stream not work and how to fix it?

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1. Check from your side first:

- We are not support some browser like Safari, Chrome, Opera...

- If you can't click play, fullscreen... Please change to use Brave browser. It'll be block ads and make your browser lighter, stable, smooth. Download Brave browser here

- If your network block/refuse livestream please change your dns server to google dns or cloudflare dns

- How to change dns on iphone, ipad

- How to change dns on android

2. From stream server side:

- Contact to Discord if you think from stream server error (when used Brave browser and changed your dns) or want request your match.


- I'm all alone try hard serve thousand people everyday for free and clean stream (no popup, no virus). This site will die if don't have more users. Please help me share stream links. Thank you so much.

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